Any English speaking guild on TW servers ?



I’ve been playing on TW server since BFA launch few months ago. I had to catch up so wasn’t really looking actively for a guild. But since few weeks I feel that it could be great to join a community : ) I’m actually on 日落沼澤 server, but if you know other foreigners playing here or even Taiwanese player that are able to speak some words, I would love to play dungeons or raids with them! I’ve 4 characters at level 120 (Rogue, DH, Warrior, Paladin), all around 370ilvl. I tried few time PUG groups on RaidCall but I’m not able to speak more than few words in Chinese at the moment, so wasn’t a great experience :’)

Hope there is still some people using those forums.



Me and my wife also tried to find, but so far couldn’t find any. We found only on with CL from HK speaking good English.